Our Church

Hosanna World Harvest Churches are multicultural Baptist churches that have a passion to transform people’s lives and the communities they live in with the love and power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Each church is an autonomous body but works closely through strong godly relationships with the mother church (South Auckland) and its sister churches. The Harvest Group Network comprises of all the Hosanna World Harvest Churches who meet regularly for joint training, fellowship and strategic planning. The network has grown tremendously purely on healthy biblical foundations and godly relationships. All our churches are encouraged to contextualize their mission to their own local communities. Hence, every church is unique to one another and no two churches are the same.

Our churches are proud and active members of the Hosanna International Network Churches (HINC) and the New Zealand Baptist Union.

Our Senior Ministers

Pastor Chris and Seira Sola have been married since 1988 and they have three children; Blessed (18years), Faith (16 years) and Serenity (10 years). Pastor Chris Sola is Maori (Ngati Whakaue, Te Arawa and Ngati Kuia, Ngai Tahu) and Samoan (Ti’avea, Aleipata) and Pastor Seira Sola is Samoan (Luatuanuu and Samusu).

They began their ministry in 1992 as elders and then Associate Pastors of the Hosanna World Outreach Centre in Taita, Hutt City before moving to South Auckland in 2000 to plant the new Hosanna World Harvest Church which is now based in Manurewa.

Their passion is city transformation through market Christianity and the outward living of Christ in the community. They believe that a theological vision must always precede an institutionalized vision in order for churches to become the agents of change that our communities and cities need. For them, godly motives must always be the driving force behind the church’s mission. They also see local churches built on theologies of mission that are localized and unique to their communities. Hence, they believe that the church should be a diversity of expression and colourfulness.

Pastors Chris and Seira Sola have prioritized the training, equipping and sending out of as many Christians as possible into the world harvest field. They believe that to be sent is the ultimate in Christian discipleship. Their prayer is that any person that attends a Hosanna World Harvest Church would eventually develop the hunger, passion and fire to become a missionary worldwide.

Pastor Chris and Seira Sola are currently completing a Doctorate and a Diploma in Biblical Studies respectively, through Laidlaw College, Auckland.


HWHC South Auckland
22 Maich Road
New Zealand

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